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January 27, 2018


We extend our most heartfelt congratulations to our 2018 recipient, Madeline Leach. Madeline is our seventh recipient, and we feel that she will bring significant artistry to the collection of work from our alumnae.

Madeline began her exploration of image and light with still photography, processing her own film in a darkroom in middle school. From the beginning of her journey, she has embraced her unique background and sought out different perspectives and ideas. In her words: “I look at film as an art form. For me, this is what makes cinematography so exciting. I like to use cinematography as a way to depart from the usual stereotypes and traditional coverage.”

We would also like to thank Madeline’s generous mentor, Nancy Schreiber, for extender her expertise and wisdom to our newest recipient.

Congratulations to Madeline Leach: News
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