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1974 - 2009

About Charlene: Welcome


Charlene will be remembered by her friends in Los Angeles as a cinematographer, artist, writer, and crew member extraordinaire. Since childhood, she dreamed of being a filmmaker, and her love of film grew through the years. While majoring in Theatre Arts at Cornell University, she took every filmmaking class they had.

After a detour of several years (during which time she became a licensed M.D.!) she returned to her true calling. Many of us got to know Charlene at USC, where she came to study film production in 2003. To us, she was the talented director of photography of three short films, Underpass, Meeting in Cars and Marwa. She was the extraordinarily dedicated and generous filmmaker who gaffed and 1st AC'd numerous short films, and was always willing to lend a hand when asked.

Because she was so modest, many of us weren’t aware that she also had an extensive presence online as a digital artist. So too were we surprised to learn of the attention and praise her first script has been receiving from agents and studios alike. She was a quietly brilliant and multi-talented woman who made us laugh with her silliness, touched us with her warmth, and made us want to be better, kinder, and more genuine: more like Charlene.

Charlene's Many Passions

Charlene was a very talented individual with many interests and skills that included

  • piano

  • singing

  • traditional Chinese dancing

  • flute and piccolo

  • skiing

  • judo

  • art

  • blockbuster films

  • anime

Some of Charlene's Work



"Strange Man" Music Video

Charlene's Memorial Website

Visit the memorial website we established for Charlene, and share your thoughts, memories and more:

About Charlene: Homepage_about
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