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Steven Edell presenting the award to Shelby Adair and Becky Baihui Chen on stage at Blackmagic Colle


February 16, 2019

Congratulations to Becky Baihui Chen and Shelby Adair: Widget


This year, we have two winners: 1st prize went to Becky Baihui Chen, and 2nd prize to Shelby Adair. These two talented women have been paired with two remarkable cinematographers, Peter Levy and Andrew Kuhnz, respectively, and we look forward to seeing where they go next.

Becky Baihui Chen

Her international journey to filmmaking has inspired a unique vision and stunning artistry. Her talent is apparent in her reel, which can be seen on Vimeo. She is excited about the award, and already has plans for how to use the funds: "I would love to add a macro lens to our rental package for some intimate scenes between the mother and daughter in Welcome Back, a thesis film that will be shot in Ecuador."

Becky has been paired with cinematographer Peter Levy, and has already established a positive mentorship with him.

Her award also comes with a stipend towards a project, support from Blackmagic Design, a student membership with Women In Film, and a student membership with the American Society of Cinematographers. 

Shelby Adair

Shelby has overcome great adversity  and continued her progress towards her career in cinematography. We are inspired by the joy and determination she brings to her work. Shelby's reel is also available on Vimeo

Cinematographer and USC graduate Anthony Kuhnz has graciously stepped up as Shelby's mentor.

Thank You

A special thanks to Blackmagic Collective for hosting this year's ceremony, and to Chris Chomyn for his unwavering support and continually helping us improve the caliber of the award.

Congratulations to Becky Baihui Chen and Shelby Adair: News
Becky Baihui Chen, Shelby Adair, Lindsey Shockley, and Steven Edell at Blackmagic Collective
Shelby Adair smiling as she finds a frame
Shelby Adair receiving her award
Becky Chen receiving her award
Becky Chen with mentor Peter Levy
Becky Baihui Chen looks natural behind the camera
Congratulations to Becky Baihui Chen and Shelby Adair: Portfolio
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